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About Us.

'Haz' is short for Hazel, which is a color made of three hues, namely, Blue (Serenity), Green (Wellness) and Gold (Positivity). 'Meliora' is latin for always better, or for the pursuit of the better.


About HazMeliora 

HazMeliora is built by the belief that Mental Health is far more important than just lack of illness.

Our Mission

To improve health, relationships and productivity with diversity, equality and inclusion.

Our Cores Values

▪︎ Integrity - Respect, responsibility and commitment.

▪︎ Compassion - Sympathy and Empathy 

▪︎ Comfort and reassurance.

▪︎ Trust and Relationships.

▪︎ Confidentiality - Always.

▪︎ Productivity - Excellence.

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Founded By

Mrs. Anita Kapoor

Principal Founder,

Mental Health Advocate.

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Supported By

Dr. Chirag Tandon

Consultant Internal Medicine 

MBBS., MD. Internal Medicine

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Supported By

Mr. Satyadeep Mishra

Chief People Officer @ OYO, Mumbai

Ex Head of HR @ Jio Platforms, Mumbai

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Conceptualized By

Ms. Ravina Kapoor

Strategic Operations Manger & Psychologist, Hazmeliora

Ex Wellness Coach @ Accenture, Bengaluru

Meet Our Core

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